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SweaterBabe.com Knitting Classes

Knitting Lessons by SweaterBabe in Orange County, California (or online)!

Knitting Classes

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For Meetup Live, I taught how to knit cute little card pouches. View my taped Meetup Live Demo and download free instructions for the pouches.

A few testimonials from the Demo:

"Absolutely brilliant! Well and slowly explained and demonstrated." -- Sue A.
"Really great presentation. I am looking for the recording to review the instruction again." -- Megan
"I have been a beginning knitter for quite some time. The presenter went slowly and I learned two new things which was great. I also look forward to seeing the video so that I can review a couple of things before I go off on my own." -- Roberta C.




1-ON-1: If you prefer to learn at your own pace, you can book a 2-hour private 1-on-1 class.


Testimonials for SweaterBabe.com Classes: 

Knitting Classes

"Katherine is an excellent teacher. She explains each detail carefully and demonstrates it until it's understood. I have learned more in 1 class than I have over the years being instructed one on one by experienced knitters. I highly recommend her class. She will make you a knitter." -- Cindy K. 

"Enjoyed your class so very much. You made learning so easy & fun!" -- Candace W. 

"Really enjoyed this first class! Katherine's a very detailed, excellent instructor! And made sure everyone got attention throughout. I'll be coming again - so fun!" -- Natasha C.

"The class was extremely informative and fun. Katherine is very patient and understanding of all levels. I would recommend this class to all my friends and family."-- Cheryl C.

"Thank you for the great class! You are a wonderful teacher and such an inspiration." -- Pam E. 

"Perfect lesson - thank you." -- Vickie C. 

"It was wonderful to relearn how to knit. She was a great instructor and can't wait to take another class with her!" -- Jennine B. 

"I really enjoyed the class. I can't wait to knit now! Thank you Katherine. Amazing class. Very great intro to knitting. I would love to take another class." -- Julia M. 

"I just wanted to say thank you! I took your group class and had so much fun. I've been wanting to learn to knit for years but avoided it because I was intimidated and had some weird belief that I would be completely incapable of picking it up. Your class was so great! You made me feel comfortable and capable and your instruction was so clear and specific. You made knitting feel real and possible for me. Thank you for helping me do something I've wanted to for so long. I'm sure I'll be signing up for more lessons in the future." -- Heidi K.

knitting class

To be notified about new classes, please sign up for the Class email list:

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"Wow! Great class! Lots of personal attention as well as everything I need to start this great new hobby." -- Mary S.

"The class was great! Katherine made a point of giving us individual attention and explanations of problems we were having. It was fun! Bring your friends!" -- Andrea S.

"This was awesome! You are very patient! Thanks for teaching me how to knit. =)" -- Jenne N.

  "Such a great class - everything was explained in an easy and fun way! Thank you so much!!" -- Heather G.  

Knitting Class

"Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful [private group] class. We all had a great time and are looking forward to another. You were wonderful." -- Aimie B.

"SweaterBabe is an excellent teacher! I can't wait to start my first project, she explained everything so well!" -- Allison B.

"Very helpful and the extra patience put me at ease. Great class!" 
-- Aidess D.

"This was a great introduction to learning how to knit. I can't wait to complete my first project. Thank you!" -- Seth M.

  "SweaterBabe is a fabulous teacher! Knitting for beginners class was so much fun. I can't wait to start knitting a scarf for myself!" -- Nynette M.  

"Thank you so much! This was so informative and you were such a patient teacher! I can't wait to make a scarf." -- Tracy S.

"Thanks, Katherine! LOVED the class & think I can start a new hobby!" -- Anita C.

To be notified about new classes,
please sign up for the Class email list:

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