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Pattern Errata

SweaterBabe.com's Pattern Errata page
While every effort is made to make sure all the knitting and crochet patterns are error-free,
mistakes happen! We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend checking here before starting your project OR (much easier!) downloading the newest copy.

For purchases from this SweaterBabe.com site, sign in to your store account (see link at top right),
and download all previous pattern purchases under "completed orders."

For purchases from my Ravelry store, Craftsy store, etc. sign in to those sites and download
the newest pdfs, which will always have the errata corrected.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased/downloaded the PDF pattern AFTER the correction date,
you already have an updated pattern copy and can ignore the note.

(For SweaterBabe.com's Fabulous & Flirty Crochet book errata, click here.)

If you find an error, please email it to: info@sweaterbabe.com. Thanks!

For SweaterBabe.com Knitting Patterns:

#308 Aubrey Sweater (08/16/23) P. 11, Size L, under DIVIDE FOR BODY AND SLEEVES, you end with Row 14 of Sleeve Lace, not 16.

#294 Diamond Cable Blanket (11/13/22) P. 4, Row 1: "M1-R, k4" should be "M1-R, k3, ssk" before the 2nd "sm;"

#325 Chloe Vest (3/24/22) P. 6 BACK row numbers should say: "Cont in St st through Row 40 (42, 46, 48, 52, 54, 58) AND AT THE SAME TIME, . . ." And then the next Row should be: "Row 41 (43, 47, 49, 53, 55, 59) [WS – place markers for BACK NECK]:".

#309 Ivy Sweater (8/10/21) For size 3X ONLY: P. 12. Row 57, St 98 should be a yo.

#250 Quinn Hat (2/22/20 6:20pm) P. 3 Chart and 4 written Cable Section Row 13: Should be 3/2 LC not 3/2 RC. Please re-download.

#309 Ivy Sweater (7/28/21) P. 6, "Next Row [WS]" right before FINISHING. Should be "BO center 55 (59, 59, 61, 63) sts".

#262 Big Cable Cardigan (9/29/20) P. 8, RIGHT FRONT after Ribbed Border: Next Row should begin with K5 (10, 13, 15).

#134 Slouchy Trellis Cabled Hat (12/29/19) P. 3 Chart. Please re-download the updated copy if you purchased before 12/29/19.

#218 Pendants Blanket (8/1/18) P. 5 Chart, row 4. 3rd st from beg and end should be knit (i.e. show as a purl dot). Written is correct as is.

#215 Glitz and Glam (6/28/18) P. 5 LEFT LACE Row 3 should say "K2tog, k1, yo, k1, yo, k3" at the beginning. Chart is correct as is.

#265 Kimberlie Scarf (3/15/18) P. 3 Chart: Row 2 sts 11 and 31, and row 22 st 21 should be purl dots. Written instructions correct as is.

#229 Adore (10/8/17) P. 4 Row 10 of chart should be all white boxes for Water Lily motif. Same with big chart on p. 7. On p.4, Row 9 row count should be 19 sts.

#215 Glitz and Glam (3/10/17) P. 5 bottom, Row 16 should say kfb, p to marker. P. 6 top, Row 1: extra k1's after first pmB and before 2nd pmB should be deleted.

#248 Bias Ribbon Scarf (2/13/17) p. 3, Row 6 of Lace. Should start with K3, p11. Chart has been fixed in new download.

#238 Navajo Loop (1/14/17) p. 3, under KNITTING THIS STOLE, Row 1 should be WS; Row 2 is RS.

#122 Tie-Front Cabled Long Vest (11/12/16) p. 7, Row 20 should read "Rib to 2 sts before next marker" at beg and middle of row for all sizes. And the Row 20 for Sizes XS, S, L, and 3X should be switched with the Row 20 for Sizes M, 1X, aand 2X.

#191 Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan (corrected 12/16/15):

P. 8, The middle two numbers need to be deleted for all the extra numbers under the RIGHT COLLAR Short Row instructions. And CREATE ARMHOLES p. 10, it should be "center 36 (36, 40, 42) sts."

#153 Simply SweaterBabe Cardigan (corrected 10/21/15):

P. 6 Row 9: K3 (not 2), CO1, ... to close BH. Same on p.8. middle of page.

#151 Samantha Featherweight Shawl & Gossamer Lace Collection eBook (corrected 9/21/15):

P. 5 of #151 and p. 15 of eBook, right before "BEGIN LACE", missing this line: "Next Row [WS]: K1, purl to last st, k1.".

#212 Azure Thing Cardigan (corrected 9/7/15):

For Size M/L and 1X only, p.7 Chart: first yo and dec of rows 2 and 16 should be omitted and worked in k st instead.

#203 Falling with Grace Tank (corrected 6/7/15):

For Size M only, p.3: “Cont in patts as established through Row 119 (NOT 120).”

#53 Turtleneck Capelet (corrected 6/3/15):

P. 2: Right Buttonband: Row 4 missing "p1, k1, p1" right after the Sl-p.

#85 Sexy Organic Camisole (corrected 5/27/15):

P.7: Size M ONLY, Neckline Shaping for Row 89 should be BO3 (not BO2) and on page 11, Neckline Shaping for Row 90 should also be BO3.

#208 Tiered Eternity Scarf (corrected 3/16/15):

P.3: Leaf Lace Panel should say Rep Rows 1-10 for patt (not - 12).

#191 Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan (corrected 12/6/14):

P.6: BACK Lace Panel supposed to end at Row 145, then the picking up and knitting of 110 sts is correctly approx 3 every 4 rows.

#94 Cables and Flowers Top-Down Cardigan (corrected 11/17/14):

On p.4, second twist on Row 12 of chart should be a LT symbol. Written Row 12 is correct as is.

#177 Annabelle Striped Scarf (corrected 10/22/14):

On p.3, it should say "CO 205" for the Scarf version. Length is then 55 1/2" [141 cm].

#120 Double Cabled Cowl (corrected 10/22/14):

On p.1, it should say "uses less than 3 hanks of Cadena," not 2. Yardage requirements of 264 yards is correct as is.

#192 Abbot Kinney Shawl/Scarf (corrected 8/8/14):

On p.8, Row 51 of Chart ONLY - 1st st should be k2tog.

#191 Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan (corrected 7/9/14):

On page 4, for Candlelight Lace CHART ONLY: 
Middle of Row 10, sts 24 and 20 should have a purl dot in them.

#191 Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan (corrected 6/22/14):

On page 4, for Candlelight Lace: 
At the end of Row 17, it should be “k2tog, k1” instead of the “k2” shown at the end of the row for the written and chart instructions.

#188 Open Hearts Scarflette (corrected 5/22/14):

On page 4, after working the Lace, cut yarn and fasten off after BO on the RS. Then, REJOIN YARN to RS to pick up and knit 256 (not just 255) sts along inside, straight edge of Lace.

#175 Diamonds and Lace Top-Down Cardigan (corrected 5/21/14):

St count errors for Sizes S and M ONLY: On page 8, Row 22, there is no Inc, so st count should not change. Then on page 9, Row 24 it should say 127, 135 sts for Sizes S and M after the Inc 8 is completed.

#150 Malabrigo Luxe Cabled Blanket (corrected 5/9/14):

Typo corrected 5/9/14: On page 3, under GAUGES, it should say 26 rows and 20 rows = 4" for the 1st and 3rd gauges listed.

#182 Noe Valley Sweater (corrected 3/13/14):

Errata on Schematic on p. 12: The third measurement down on the right side of the schematic should be 17 ¾ (17 ¾, 18 ¼, 18, 17 ¾, 18 ¼)” 45 (45, 46.5, 45.5, 45, 46.5) cm. It is the height at which shoulder shaping begins (not incl. the ribbed bottom).

#171 Extra Spicy Mustard Cardigan (corrected 2/12/14):

Page 6, Row 4 of the BODY section: Follow Row 3 of Double Vine Lace for BOTH panels.

#174 Simpatico Alpaca Stole/Scarf (corrected 2/10/14):

On page 5, right after Row 384 (432), the next instruction should say k7 (31) at the end instead of k15 (31). The corrected Row is: Next Row [RS]: K6, *k2tog, k5, ssk, k3, k2tog,* k17, rep from * to * once, k7 (31) = 52 (76) sts.
ALSO, the last part should say Next 4 Rows: Knit, not just 2 Rows.

#171 Extra Spicy Mustard Cardigan (corrected 1/28/14):

Page 6, right before the BODY section: There is a total of 178 (194, 206, 222, 244, 272) rows along bottom edge, counting the CO row also as a row.

#181 Sapphire Lace Shawl (corrected 1/3/14):

Page 4, Rows 3 and 9 should start with K2, NOT K1.

#184 Chunky Crochet Booties  (corrected 12/27/13):

Page 3, Rnd 1 for Sizes S and M ONLY: 3 hdc in 3rd ch from hook (not 2nd ch).

#149 Easy Cabled One-Ball Boot Cuffs  (corrected 12/17/13):

Page 3, The "End with 2x2 Ribbing, Next 5 Rnds: *K2, p2; rep from * around." accidentally had p1 instead of the p2 needed for 2x2 ribbing.

#178 Rose Cabled Circular Scarf (corrected 11/18/13):

Top of page 4, Rnds 26-28: should say *[k3, p3] twice, k6, p6; rep from * around. The chart is correct as is.

#174 Simpatico Alpaca Stole/Scarf (corrected 11/17/13):

On page 5, it should be CO 52 for the Scarf size and after the Set-Up Row, there should be 58 sts. Finished measurements and the Set-Up Row are correct. 

#169 Snowdrops and Curved Leaf Lace Scarf (corrected 10/7/13):

On page 5, Row 7 of the Snowdrop Lace chart should have another (yo, sk2p, yo) in the middle. Row 7 should say: K1, [yo, sk2p, yo, k1] 3 times

#172 Cloudy Skies Diaphanous Scarf (corrected 9/3/13):

On page 5, Row 29 should end with k1, not p1. The chart is correct.

#172 Cloudy Skies Diaphanous Scarf (corrected 8/21/13):
On page 5, Row 11
, the * is missing after the first p1.

#81 Peplum Waist Top-Down Cardigan (corrected 8/6/13):
On page 3, NOTE 9):
It should say that Row 3 temporarily decs 2 sts per cable and Row 4 adds the 2 sts back.

#170 Judith Shawl Vest (corrected 7/15/13):
On page 5,
the Diamond Lace Chart and Instructions:
Row 3 should be: P1, k4, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k3, yo, ssk, k2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k4, p1.

And Row 23 should be: P1, k5, yo, s1-k2tog-psso, yo, k3, ssk, yo, k4, yo, s1-k2tog-psso, yo, k5, p1.
(the pdf has been updated here and in Ravelry, so please download a new version to get the corrected chart.)

#141 Whispering Leaves Lace Top-Down Cardigan (corrected 5/2/13):
On page 10,
the Sleeve Opening should say on the schematic: 12 ¼ (13, 13 ¾, 14 ¾, 16 ¼, 18 ¼, 19 ¾)" [31 (33, 35, 37.5, 41.5, 46.5, 50) cm] as the correct circumference.

#131 Fairy Tale 3 Lace Scarf (corrected 3/12/13):
On page 7,
the Vine Lace part of the chart is missing the p2tog-b symbol on Row 4  for the 6th st from the right [WS]. The chart on page 4 is correct, so please see that for reference.

#159 Ultimate Cables and Rib Scarf (corrected 2/18/13):
On page 4,
the chart is correct BUT the written Rows 7, 11 and 15 should have the first * after the P1, not before it.

#153 Simply SweaterBabe Top-Down Cardigan (corrected 2/15/13):
Page 7, Row 16 for Size S ONLY:
There should NOT be a k1 right after the first pmB, or right before the second pmB.
Page 8, Row 17 should say: K6, p to last B marker, working next Row of Lace between Lace markers, k6.

#164 Night and Day Eternity Scarf (corrected 2/13/13):
On page 2, yardage required should be 410 yds [375 m]. 5 balls is correct

#158 Chunky Pinwheel Cowl (corrected 2/9/13):
On page 3, Rows 11 and 29 should say:
P1, k6, p2, k6, p3. The chart should be fixed to begin with p1 as well.

In general, and particularly for pattern purchases prior to 2013, it is best to download a new copy. For SweaterBabe.com purchases, sign in to your store account and download new copies under "completed order" or request a new copy through your pattern purchase receipt. For Ravelry.com purchases, re-download through your Ravelry library. Corrected versions are always uploaded to the SweaterBabe.com and Ravelry.com pattern libraries.

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