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After you complete checkout, you will see the download link(s) for the pattern(s) your ordered. These links will allow you to download the pattern(s) immediately. These links will ALSO be emailed to you with your order confirmation. ANYTIME you need to re-download the pattern(s) for your use, you can do so by signing into your SweaterBabe.com store account OR through the links that were sent in each order confirmation. You will have an "online pattern library" of your SweaterBabe.com pattern orders for access anytime!
NOTE: This is new as of mid-August 2012. Purchases from the previous SweaterBabe.com site will not be included in this new online pattern library. HOWEVER, if you need to re-download any of the patterns you purchased from the previous SweaterBabe.com site, please forward your order receipt or order download emails to info@sweaterbabe.com to receive a new download.

Download emails are sent immediately after you pay.

They are sent to the EMAIL ACCOUNT you used for your SweaterBabe.com store account.

If you do NOT see the email right away, please consider that it may be an email blocking issue. Some spam filters are set to not allow emails with links from senders they are not familiar with. Other times, the download email may get put in a "junk" folder mistakenly.

If it is a email blocking issue, you can try adding k@sweaterbabe.com, info@sweaterbabe.com,

and kf@sweaterbabe.com to your email's "allowed" list.

Email me at: orders@sweaterbabe.com to let me know I need to RESEND the download email to you manually. Make sure you tell me which email address you used to place the order AND when you placed the order so I can quickly find your order.

I respond to ALL ordering problems, usually within hours or a day (depending on time zone and if it is the weekend/holiday, etc.).

If you do NOT hear from me within a day, it is most likely that your email account is blocking RESPONSE emails from me (via your spam filter or other settings that protect you from unwanted emails). Please just email me again and provide me an alternate email address so I have some other way of reaching you!

Chances are that your frustration in trying to reach me is the same frustration I am experiencing by not being able to successfully
reply to your emails and get you the pattern! So please do try to email me a different email address so I can contact you.

I do everything I can to get a pattern to you if the download email is somehow not reaching you, but please know that I can't get past your spam filters if they are set to block out unfamiliar email addresses. If all attempts to get your pattern to you fail, I will, of course, give you a complete refund. Thanks for your understanding! Technology works great most of the time!


PLEASE respect that SweaterBabe.com patterns are covered by copyright law. This applies regardless of whether you get the pattern from this site for free or you purchased the pattern. Patterns are for your personal use ONLY, i.e. they are authorized for home knitting or crochet use only and are not to be knit or crocheted for resale.

SweaterBabe.com patterns can not be shared
, even if they are free patterns. You can let your friends know about free patterns by directing them to the SweaterBabe.com site to receive their own copy of a free pattern directly from this site.

SweaterBabe.com patterns may not be photocopied, or distributed in any hardcopy or electronic form without the express written consent of SweaterBabe.com. This means you are strictly prohibited from emailing them, photocopying them, or distributing them in any other way to other people.

Please report any unauthorized use or distribution of SweaterBabe.com patterns, by emailing us at info@sweaterbabe.com.
We really appreciate it!

We ONLY sell patterns, not yarn. So, our income comes strictly from pattern sales. Every pattern sale counts!


Check the knitting abbreviations page or the crochet abbreviations page for questions on pattern abbreviations.

Please check the SweaterBabe.com Blog at: blog.sweaterbabe.com. I try to post questions and answers about specific patterns on the blog for others to reference.

Please check the knitting and crochet pattern errata page if you think there is a pattern error.

If you still have a question about the pattern, you can email: info@sweaterbabe.com.
PLEASE be specific about which page and Row/Round you are asking and I will get back to you as soon as I can [this may be within a few hours or up to 12 hours because of time zones and my availability (which is ruled by my 3 kids). Thanks for your understanding.]

Please ALSO pay attention to the difficulty level of each pattern before purchasing.
I am happy to answer questions where the pattern was not written clearly enough; however, I am not able to "teach" pattern reading if your question is due to attempting an "experienced" or "intermediate" level pattern when you are a novice knitter.

Please consider taking a class at your local yarn shop, searching online for your general question, or asking a knitting friend who is more advanced. Thanks for your understanding!

GENERAL KNITTING OR CROCHET ADVICE (OR Questions on NON-SweaterBabe.com Patterns):

Look through the Ask SweaterBabe posts in the Blog for many past Knitting Questions and Crochet Questions.

OR If you are a SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club member, you are free to ask
SweaterBabe questions in the Knitting Club Message Boards at any time!

For more information on joining the Knitting Club, see this page.


Please email all yarn shop directory updates or changes to directory@sweaterbabe.com. I try my best to maintain this directory, but I do rely on my customers and visitors to email me updates! Yarn shops come and go and I often only hear of shop closures from customers.


Gift Certificates are good for one year and can be purchased for any amount from $1 to $100. They make a great gift!

Purchase a SweaterBabe.com Gift Certificate here

To redeem a Gift Certificate, just enter the gift certificate code (found at the top right-hand corner of the gift certificate that was emailed to you) 
in the gift certificate field during checkout. For more details, please see this page.

To check the balance on a Gift Certificate, go to this page.


For all other inquiries NOT addressed above, please email info@sweaterbabe.com.

To sign-up for or change your email updates,
please do so by entering your
email address here!: