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Pattern & Product Picks Advertising

Want to Sell More Patterns and Products Online?

Advertise in SweaterBabe.com's Pattern & Product Picks!
 Pattern and Product Picks
Easily reach over 48,000 knitters and crocheters by placing an affordable ad in SweaterBabe.com's "Pattern & Product Picks." 

2021 Issues open for booking! 
Your pattern or product will be promoted to tens of thousands of dedicated knitters and crocheters who are looking for what's new!  

April, May, June, August, September, & October's Free Pattern Picks hit #1 on Ravelry!!!

Here's what Advertisers are already saying:

divine-scarf-patt-page2.png"Wow, my Ad has already paid for itself within the first half day! Anything else will be profit at this point. Very happy." -- Mary-Ann from Mary-Ann-Lammers Designs (a repeat Advertiser!)

"My ad on the SweaterBabe newsletter is the most effective advertising that I've done! My pattern made it to #1 on Ravelry, which just added to the exposure! I got a good boost in sales of my other patterns, visits to my website, people signing up for my newsletter, and quite a few facebook likes! This ad was a fantastic value for my business." -- Cheryl of Cheryl Beckerich Knits
Ravelry Patterns page - #1 from Pattern Picks Ad!


"From my last Ad in your Product Picks mailing, I received more orders and traffic than ever before! It was spectacular. I will continue to advertise each month. It is the best thing that has happened to my business ever!" -- Mary of KOALA Caddie (a repeat Advertiser!)


Sample of email


What is a Pattern & Product Picks Ad? 

It's a custom Ad where Independent Designers and Businesses selling Knitting-Related Products can submit patterns and products for promotion in the Pattern & Product Picks section of our popular SweaterBabe.com website and in our Pattern & Product Picks email newsletters.  New issues are posted  every other month (more frequently during Winter months). These are NOT small banner Ads included off to the side in a newsletter, these Ads are the features in the Newsletter!

Each Pattern & Product Picks issue (here is an example of one) includes ONE “Free Pattern” at the bottom of the email (Having one free pattern in each issue ensures higher open rates and FREE pattern offers get HUGE results with my list!), plus up to 6 patterns or products that are for sale.  All Ad slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

This is a great way for new, up-and-coming, or established Pattern Designers and Businesses selling knitting and crochet-related products to reach new customers online.


Benefits to Pattern & Product Picks Advertisers:

  • Direct exposure to our huge, global audience of passionate, stylish knitters and crocheters.

  • Website promotion of your pattern or product on our popular website in the Pattern & Product Picks section for two months (or indefinitely if you choose the "subscription" option!)

  • Email promotion of your pattern or product in our “Pattern & Product Picks” email that goes out to more than 48,000 subscribers! This is a highly targeted list of people who all want NEW and EXCITING knitting and crochet patterns and related products.

  • Valuable SEO links back to your website from our highly Google-ranked knitting and crochet patterns site. (Choose the "subscription" option for even more SEO benefits that can help your own site’s search engine ranking.)

  • More new knitters and crocheters visiting your site and hopefully purchasing your patterns and products!

  • More exposure through Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, since your ad page will include the "Pin It" hover button over your Ad graphic, and the page will get posted on the SweaterBabe.com Facebook and Twitter pages.




How Pattern & Product Picks Ads Work:

Submit your Ad Copy and your Ad Graphic using our online submission form.

Sample Ad page

We’ll use your own Ad Copy and Graphic to create your dedicated Ad page on the SweaterBabe.com Blog (sample shown at right), which will link directly to your sell or download page.

Ad pages remain on the site for two months (unless you extend that with the "subscription" option, see details below).

To create each email issue of Pattern & Product Picks (sample shown at right), we then collect summaries of each new listing into an email blast that is sent to our list of 48,000+ knitters and crocheters. 

Why should I “Subscribe” too? 

Choose the "subscription" option for a small monthly charge and your custom Ad page will remain on SweaterBabe.com beyond the initial two months for as long as you wish your subscription payments to run.  

Keeping the Ad page posted on our popular website can bring you on-going sales and new customers.  The longer you leave the link from our highly-ranked website up linking back to your own website, the more your Ad's links can help boost your own site’s SEO and Google ranking. And at just $4.99/month to leave your Ad page up, one pattern or product sale per month can probably cover your cost! You can email us to cancel anytime and your Ad will be removed from the site right away.

What are the Ad rates and Issue dates?

All Pattern & Product Picks Ads currently cost $85 each for the two-month listing, then $4.99/month for the subscription option.  Ad slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Pattern & Product Picks issue publication and submission dates:  
Check back regularly for updates on pricing and dates or join the advertisers email list.


Pattern & Product Picks Issue  Publication Date Ad Submission Deadline

Free Pattern Ad Spot

(ONLY 1 per Issue, filled on a first-come, first-served basis) For past issues, this pattern jumps to top row on Ravelry Patterns page, often #1 or #2!

Pattern or Product for Purchase Ad Spots

(Up to 6 per Issue, filled on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Subscription Option
Issue #54 Thursday, October 21, 2021 Monday, October 18, 2021  $85 for 2-month Ad page <== Available now!
 $85 for 2-month Ad page <== Book early for best placement!
 plus $4.99/month after 2nd month
Issue #55 Thursday, November 18, 2021 Monday, November 15, 2021  $85 for 2-month Ad page <== Available now!
 $85 for 2-month Ad page <== Book early for best placement!
 plus $4.99/month after 2nd month
Issue #56 Thursday, December 16, 2021 Monday, December 13, 2021  $85 for 2-month Ad page <== Available now!
 $85 for 2-month Ad page <== Book early for best placement!
 plus $4.99/month after 2nd month
Issues beyond that. . .  TBD  TBD  TBD - be sure to join our Advertising list to be notified when new Issues are open for booking.  TBD  TBD
READY TO BOOK AN AD (or Pre-Book*)?
1) Read the Pattern & Product Picks Guidelines page for all the details on getting your Ad ready.
2) Fill out the Pattern & Product Picks Ad Submission Form, where you will:
Select the Pattern & Product Picks Issue and Ad Spot your wish to book.
Enter your Ad copy and upload your Ad graphic.
(*To Pre-Book your Ad. i.e. RESERVE first, then submit details LATER:
fill out the Form with just basic details and COMPLETE PAYMENT.
Then, before the submission deadline, fill out the Submssion Form AGAIN to provide FINAL details).

3) Submit your payment to reserve your Ad placement.
We'll email you a confirmation of your Ad placement and get to work creating your Ad page and your spot in an upcoming Pattern & Product Picks email newsletter!