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Customer Testimonials

About SweaterBabe.com Patterns and the Website:

I want to thank you for the clarity and detail provided in your lovely patterns. I have purchased so many! For some reason, I am able to follow your patterns better than almost any others. It is your charting plus written instructions, your detailed explanations and your diagrams. You have made knitting for me pleasure.
-- Laura M.

Great pattern! Very well written and easy to follow. Each step was easy to understand. It was nice to have both charts and written directions because I use both. I will definitely be buying more of your patterns in the future!
-- Laura A.

Katherine, Just wanted to tell you how much I love the sweaters that I did from the childrens top down cardigan pattern. They came out so cute. I work at a shop . . . and got compliments all day. . . .I had never done a top down before but your pattern was so clear and understandable it was great. Thanks again.
-- Sheila (Aurora, CO)

Your pattern is so EASY to follow and written so clearly! Thank you! I am in the middle of doing the little vine vest. Such a treat to read a well written pattern! Thank you!
-- Trina from Half Moon Bay, CA.

Have you ever listened to a little child watching fireworks on the 4th of July? With every firework that goes off they say 'Ohh! That was my favorite! No THAT one was my favorite!' Well that's what I thought looking through your patterns! I am waiting for yarn from my LYS to start the Talia vest and at the same time trying to decide which of your sweaters I will do after that. I love the shaping and the lace and the cables on your designs. I chose your patterns ALSO because so many commented that they were easy to follow. I am an intermediate knitter but can knit the harder things when the patterns are well written. I have knit your luscious cabled cowl and get lots of compliments on it…wore it today actually. I can't wait to see what you design next! Happy Knitting (AND designing)!
-- Martha S Easton, MD.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the instructions. They are very clear, and very easy to follow.
-- Janet G., Agoura Hills, CA.

I adore Katherine's aesthetic - romantic, feminine, flattering and very stylish all at the same time! Her way of combining fit with stunning details and well-written intructions make knitting her designs a pure joy. Thanks Sweaterbabe!
-- Rubin U., Powell, OH.

I love your web site, it is just about the best web site for knitting info. I have learned so much from your photos and knitting instructions... I am a fairly new knitter and appreciate the extra help your web site has.... this will, be a web site I will always refer to... and share with other knitters.. thanks again, a very pleased knitter.
-- Carol (California).

I love the Mohair Lace Bolero pattern, ... just finished it for my sister and it's gorgeous! Thanks for the great patterns!
-- Malia M. (East Lansing, MI).

I have ALL the crochet patterns you offer... they are fantastic. Please please create more. I have children ranging from 5 to 26 they all love them. I have tried so many scull caps and keep coming back to yours. Please create more crochet patterns.
-- Marietta S.

I purchased your chunky baby sweater pattern... it was the best pattern I have ever knitted with... clear instructions and a great result! (see attached picture). I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in the color grass green. It is so cute! I loved making it... thanks again!
-- Kristin H.

I just wanted to tell you that the pattern I downloaded from you were the most enjoyable to knit of any I've found (and I knit a lot, and rip a lot!!! but not your patterns). Your patterns are easy to follow and fun to knit. Keep them coming.
-- Amy N.

About SweaterBabe.com Classes:
(sorry - but classes are no longer offered.)

I just wanted to say thank you for my lesson. You are truly a pleasure to work with and extremely patient! I love knitting...
-- Tiffany B.

I just wanted to say thank you! I took your group class and had so much fun. I've been wanting to learn to knit for years but avoided it because I was intimidated and had some weird belief that I would be completely incapable of picking it up. Your class was so great! You made me feel comfortable and capable and your instruction was so clear and specific. You made knitting feel real and possible for me. Thank you for helping me do something I've wanted to for so long. I'm sure I'll be signing up for more lessons in the future. -- Heidi K.

I had a GREAT time learning things from you. I think mostly, it gave me the boost in confidence that I needed to really get cracking on making things. I decided to use some scrap yarn I had to do a practice baby sweater before I do the one for my cousin. As I go through row after row, I'm amazed that it's actually looking like a sweater! And that I'm making it no less! -- Anita M.

Thank you for the pattern and also for the lessons. I really had a great time. I started working on the baby beanie the minute I got home. I would have started in the car, but Louise insisted I keep my eyes on the road while I was driving :-) Louise already finished her beanie and was wearing it around the office today... Hopefully we will get to take another class with you. We will keep a lookout for your class schedule. Please include me on any mailing list you might have. -- Leanne A.

You taught me everything I needed to know - but I think I'll still need a follow-up! -- Kathy L.

The class was extremely informative and fun. Katherine is very patient and understanding of all levels. I would recommend this class to all my friends and family. -- Cheryl C.

Wow! Great class! Lots of personal attention as well as everything I need to start this great new hobby. -- Mary S.

Very informative. I learned more than I thought I would in an introductory class. I would definitely recommend Katherine to anyone wanting to learn to knit. -- Melanie W.

The class was great! Katherine made a point of giving us individual attention and explanations of problems we were having. It was fun! Bring your friends! -- Andrea S.

This was awesome! You are very patient! Thanks for teaching me how to knit. =) -- Jenne N.

Thank you for being extremely patient. Class was very fun and a relaxed and great way to start out. -- Sherry C.

Such a great class - everything was explained in an easy and fun way! Thank you so much!! -- Heather G.

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful [private group] class. We all had a great time and are looking forward to another. You were wonderful. -- Aimie B.

Katherine was a very thorough and patient teacher. The class is small enough to get individual attention. She's a fabulous teacher and I enjoyed going to her beautiful studio. -- Sophia K.

I highly recommend this course! It was tons of fun! -- Ivette O.

The class was great! The instructor is very patient and helpful. -- Julia A.

The class was so fun and enjoyable. Katherine was so helpful and patient. -- Liz G.

Katherine is an excellent teacher! I can't wait to start my first project, she explained everything so well! -- Allison B.

Thank you for being so patient. I feel much more comfortable with the needles than ever before. -- Andrea A.

Easy to learn. A ton of fun! Can't wait to get home and start a knitting project!! -- Summer B.

Thanks so much - thought it was a great class. -- Sarah M.

Very helpful and the extra patience put me at ease. Great class! -- Aidess D.

Thanks for your patience! -- Abby H.

This was a great introduction to learning how to knit. I can't wait to complete my first project. Thank you! -- Seth M.

Great instruction! I learned so much at the beginner class. -- Lori Y.

Very fun and informative - such a great learning environment. Thanks! -- Laura P.

Wonderful teacher, great class!! -- Tami F.

A lot of fun! -- Christine P.

I loved the individual lesson. I learned so much and was able to go at my own pace while focusing exactly on what I needed to learn to start and finish a project. Thank you for your patience and expertise! -- Kathleen S.

Lots of fun! Very patient, good diagrams, and tips. I'll see you again! -- Stephanie J.

Great class! -- Haidee F.

We have a knitting club & love doing this together - but taking a class together was fabulous. We learned how to fix our mistakes, where we were making mistakes - it was fun. -- Cathy K.

I didn't know how much fun, and easy knitting could be. It was great fun!! -- Kim G.

Thank you so much! This was so informative and you were such a patient teacher! I can't wait to make a scarf. -- Tracy S.

I loved it! Thank you! -- Phoebe W.

Katherine is a fabulous teacher! Knitting for beginners class was
so much fun. I can't wait to start knitting a scarf for myself!
-- Nynette M.

Thanks, Katherine! LOVED the class & think I can start a new hobby! -- Anita C.

I think I may be in "remedial scarf" phase for a while longer,
but w/Katherine's guidance, my neck won't go cold this winter!
-- Allyson G.

Such a great concept. Very helpful step-by-step instruction with one-on-one attention. Thanks so much! -- Miki R.

This class was great! It was a great learning environment. And the added bonus was that it was a lot of fun! -- Tricia H.

As a complete beginner Katherine was very helpful & patient. I feel like I learned a lot and my interest in knitting has increased.
-- Belinda M.

Loved it! Can't wait for advanced class! -- Marci B.