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Crochet Abbreviations

Here is a list of standard abbreviations used in crochet patterns to help you follow and read crochet pattern instructions.
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Standard abbreviations used in Crochet Patterns:
approx approximately
beg begin, beginning
CC contrasting color
ch chain
cm(s) centimeter(s)


cont continue, continuing
dc double crochet
dec decrease, decreasing
foll following
g grams



half double crochet


increase, increasing

LH left-hand
lp(s) loop(s)
m meters
MC main color
oz(s) ounces
pat pattern
pm place marker
rem remains, remaining
rep repeat
RH right-hand
RS right side
rnd round
sc single crochet
sk skip
sl st slip stitch
sp(s) space(s)
st(s) stitch(es)
t-ch turning chain
tog together
tr treble
WS wrong side
yd(s) yards
yo yarn over needle
* repeat instructions following * as many times as necessary or until the end of the row
[ ] repeat instructions within brackets as many times as indicated

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